Short presentation

George Maris is a pharmacist since 1975 and hygienist since 1993 and lives in Chios, where he owns a pharmacy since 1978, and a laboratory for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. In the early years of his career was a hospital pharmacist and worked in the lab of pharmaceutical company Koper.

He is a member of the Greek Association of Pharmacology, the Greek Association of Aromatherapy, Phytotherapy, Greek Cosmetology Association of Greek Pharmaceutical Association of Homeopathy,  a member of "ADVANCE" pharmacies network, elector of the Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Association and a representative in O.S.F.E. He is also a member of the Planning Committee for Health Education of the Ministry of Health and Welfare since 1993, member of the Greek Association of Family Planning, a member of the Greek Association for the study and treatment of AIDS. Also a founding member of Alzheimer's  and related disorders Associaton in Greece, and a founding member and President of the Greek Association for Health Education (Annex of Chios) since 1994.

Headquartered in Chios, he deals with the production of natural products for the protection and care of health care and addressing the problems of skin and hair, with great effect on the local and general public

In Chios, he is a recognised personality, with active participation and organization in informative events and conferences on topics related to health, in collaboration with prominent scientists, doctors, university professors, etc. from all around Greece. He has also published many articles and interviews in the local press and on local TV.